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Neutral is good, positive is better

Being carbon neutral, or simply canceling out the harm we do, feels like treading water. Instead, what if we looked at everything in terms of a simple question: Is our impact on the climate negative, neutral, or positive? So we measure and offset 110% of our carbon footprint, while also restoring ecosystems damaged by the effects of single-use paper and plastic.

We Are Climate Positive

110% Carbon Neutral

Each year, we measure and offset 100% of our carbon footprint with our certification partner Climate Neutral, while striving to reduce our overall footprint, year over year. We go even further by offsetting at least 10% more carbon than we emit, which is a net positive for the climate. 

Restoring Forests

We restore forest ecosystems damaged by climate change and the logging of over 100 million trees every year to produce single-use paper cups. With each order of a Hitch Bottle and Cup, we fund the planting of 1 tree through our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. To date, we've helped plant over 97,000 trees across five continents with One Tree Planted & Eden Reforestation Projects.

Removing Ocean Plastic

With every order of a Hitch Bottle and Cup, we fund the cleanup and removal of 100 single-use plastic water bottles from the ocean with our partner Plastic Bank, who recycles these plastics and turns them into new products. To date, we've funded the creation of 83 collection jobs in communities in Southeast Asia and the removal of over 5.1 million bottles from the ocean.

Collective Impact

You make a difference by using a Hitch Bottle and Cup. From the impact partners we fund when you order, to your impact by using the Hitch Bottle and Cup instead of single-use, our collective impact is climate positive. See the report.

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Carbon footprint offset

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Trees planted

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Single-use coffee cups saved from circulation

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Plastic bottles removed from ocean

Closing The Loop

We embrace circular design principles to design out waste from our products and packaging, extend our products lifespan, and ensure they are properly recycled at the end of life.

Materials & Packaging

We strive to reduce waste in our products through even more sustainable materials and closed-loop design practices. Our bottle uses up to 40% recycled stainless steel, our tote bag uses 100% recycled cotton, and our bottle brush uses natural plant fibers in place of nylon. Plus, much of our packaging is 100% recycled cardboard with no single-use plastic.

Made for Longevity

We’re not a fast fashion brand, with a whole new bottle to buy each season. Instead, we designed the Hitch Bottle and Cup to live longer by being modular. Need to change a part or want to change colors? Instead of having to buy a whole new Bottle and Cup, just replace the parts you need.

We'll Take It Back

When your Hitch Bottle and Cup finally does reach the end of its life (hopefully a long time from now!) send it to us and we’ll properly recycle it for you. In exchange, you'll receive a discount to get a new one. 

Our Climate Partners

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B-Corp Certified

Certified B Corp

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps form a community of leaders and drive a global movement of people using business as a force for good.