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Together at last.

Carry it better with the bottle and cup that nest together.

Replaces your old bottle and cup.

18oz Bottle

12oz Cup & Lid

Locking Cupholder

Vacuum Insulated

Dishwasher Safe

Replaces your old bottle and cup.

SAVE $10

Take Care Bundle

Get everything to clean and care for your Hitch, while also helping to clean and care for the planet.

The bundle includes:

  • Hitch Bottle & Cup
  • Bottle Protector Cap
  • All-Natural Sisal Fiber Bottle Brush
  • 10 Pounds of Ocean Plastic Removed
  • 10 Trees Planted in Madagascar


Most backed bottle in crowdfunding history.

Created with the support of backers from 105 countries, and seen in:

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It's Better Together

In a sea of overflowing bags, bulky reusables, and single-use waste, daily life is a lot to carry. So we make things fit together to carry the essentials even better.

Give yourself a hand.