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For Earth Day, let's Climate Together.

The Earth needs us more than ever. So what if for Earth Day this year, we did something big...for the Earth? It's her day, after all. So we reached out to our favorite sustainable brands, and together we've planted 15,000 trees and removed 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean.


Combined with last years Climate Together giving from sustainable brands, we've collectively planted 30,000 trees and removed 300,000 plastic bottles from the ocean. Want to join in making an impact too? Read on for ways to do something for the Earth this Earth Day.

2022 Climate Partners

All these brands have shown the power of collective action for the Earth.

15,000 Trees Planted, Together.

Working with Eden Reforestation Projects, we've collectively planted 15,000 mangrove trees in Madagascar, which offset five times more carbon than upland forests. The project also restores coastal wildlife habitats, and provides jobs for local communities.

150,000 Plastic Bottles Removed from the Ocean, Together.

Working with Plastic Bank, we collectively funded the removal of 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean. This effort helps reduce ocean pollution while also fighting poverty through employment for local collectors in places like Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines, among others.

Take Climate Action

Join us in taking action for the Earth, and share your impact with #climatetogether.

Be carbon neutral for the rest of your life.

Collect South African artist Daniella Attfield’s unique NFT art piece ‘{Title Here}', which also funds projects that offset 1,000 metric tons of carbon. That's equal to the carbon footprint of an individual in a developed country for 60 years.

2021 Climate Partners

In 2021, these brands planted 15,000 trees and removed 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean.