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We belong together

Seems like wherever we're going these days, there's more and more to carry with us. So we set out to design products to better carry modern life's daily essentials by rethinking the very way we carry them.

Let's bring joy to modern life on the move.

In a sea of overflowing bags, bulky reusables, and single-use waste, we want to bring joy back to the often mundane act of packing and carrying what we need. So we used design thinking to understand everyday carrying challenges and create solutions that help us move better and live more sustainably.

More than a bottle and cup

We used design thinking to create a carrying solution for water and coffee based on how we live today. Made to always have your cup with you, and to be able to carry both in one hand, the Hitch Bottle and Cup fits into your life. Our products are crafted using high quality, food-grade and BPA-free materials, all while being easy to clean and care for.

There’s only one planet, let's take care of it.

We’re here to empower people to protect our planet and create a climate positive future. From our customers who use our products to live more sustainably, to our team who design out the waste from our products, to our company offsetting our footprint while restoring ecosystems, we strive to fulfill our mission every day.

They all deserve a hand

We launched our first product, the Hitch Bottle and Cup on Kickstarter in 2020, hoping that other people had the same needs as we did to carry better. With the support of over 25,000 backers in 105 countries, it became the most backed reusable ever. As we bring Hitch to the world, we're out to bring a little joy to everyone who lives life on the move, one bottle and cup at a time.